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Conquering AdWords: How to establish an effective strategy online

10th July 2018

"AdWords really works. Thanks to Glow, six months on, our SEO and PPC campaigns have turned completely around and are now bringing in many new clients. We highly recommend this approach." - Expert Fire Solutions

Would you like to become more visible to your customers? If you rely on digital technology to sell your products and services, search engine advertising could well make the difference. 

What is Search Engine Advertising?

Each of the many search engines out there (including Bing, Yahoo, Safari, Google etc) run services which enable advertisers to advertise their products and services to enquirers. In effect, companies agree to pay for their own-devised adverts to appear next to relevant search-engine search results as additional options for viewers to click on. This then advertises the goods and services to a wider audience and a much larger potential pool of customers, substantially increasing reach. 

There are usually two costings options - Cost per View (CPV) or Pay per Click (PPC). Depending on your product and service, we can work with you to determine which is the best method for your needs.

Google AdWords

Given the popularity of Google as the world's most popular search engine at the moment, Google's own search engine advertising system, Google AdWords, is often referred to as the 'default' advertising service in this field. Certainly, if you know that your customers are likely to be searching for your services, then they are likely to be using Google - so increasing the prominence of your website within Google’s search results really will make sense.

Established in the year 2000, Google AdWords is well-known to many. Some claim that it can be unnecessarily costly, and certainly if you are a new start-up or operating on a tight budget, then it may not be right for you at the moment. However, with AdWords, the costs entirely depend on the parameters that you set for each advert in terms of visibility and reach, and the daily and weekly budget caps which are affixed to each advert. If an individual ever experiences any excessive costs, it is much more likely to be due to not setting up tight enough click-through parameters at the start of a campaign, rather than any fault of AdWords itself.

If AdWords is applied correctly, though, it is possible to keep costs down and drive through only the traffic that you really want and need. The secret lies in daily, active advertisement management, attention to detail and tweaking of keywords until you are sure that you have the balance right. To further protect your bank balance, you can also set a daily cap on expenditure - an extremely useful guard to limiting your outlay in the early days of each campaign.

Does it work?

Yes, Google AdWords does work. On average, the click-through rates to your website will be around 15-20% higher through Google AdWords adverts than if you do not use the service at all. 

Speedy results

If you have just launched your website, no matter how good your SEO is, and how may keywords you have used within your site, it will take time for Google's indexing spiders to find and index your site correctly, and then for your site to find its place at the top of the search engine results organically. So rather than simply relying on SEO-enabled content on your website to get your message out there, paid-for search engine advertising provides a shorter and faster solution to drive traffic to your site. 

Applying the right keywords

By paying for advertising, Google AdWords ensures that your advert will appear before any organic search engine result relevant to the exact search keywords which you have chosen to associate your advert with.

Getting the keywords exactly right is extremely important. Search keywords are your best guesses as to what your customers are looking for. The more exact the search keywords you put against an advert, the fewer people will actually see your advert - but on the plus side, the more control you will then have over who is likely to click through to your website. This is well worth knowing, because it can make a great difference to your overall AdWords bill.

(For example, in our case, if we state 'marketing services' but miss off the key location such as "Durham" or "London" from our keywords, this would accidentally open us up to a far greater audience, and with it, many more click-throughs.) 

Helpfully, though, within the advertisement management portal, Google AdWords shows you an estimate of the potential number of people who will see your advert based on the target keywords you enter - so it is very easy to stay in control of who your audience is. 

Helping you choose the right keywords

In terms of which keywords to opt for, it is worth bearing in mind that what you think your customers are searching for may not actually be the case. However, at Glow Creative, our precise SEO tools can evaluate the keywords already associated with your services to determine which search keywords will be exactly the right fit to attract your chosen audiences. This knowledge can then also be applied to your website to optimise your organic visibility too.

Managing negative keywords

Depending on your subject area, it is also very important to make sure that you put together a list of negative keywords that you don't want your adverts to be associated with, to prevent non-relevant enquirers suddenly seeing your advert and accidentally clicking through.This control over your keyword choices is a great help in enabling you to control the balance between managing budgets and advertisement reach. 


In addition, you can also use AdWords to specify exactly who your adverts should appear to. Allowing it only to be seen by a particular demographic in terms of age/gender/geography is also a great help to keep better control over costs and target audiences.

How your AdWords campaign should progress

If you get your campaign right, Google AdWords should be something which is able to work alongside your full digital campaign over a long period, gently raising your visibility without breaking the budget and increasing your customer base steadily over time. It is ideal to use this technique alongside social media, blog articles, print advertising and press releases.

In due course, depending on how effective you AdWords advertising for your needs, you may also wish to move on to full banner advertising, or establish a retargeting campaign to follow people around the web showing them continuous adverts to tempt them back to your site, or advertising across one or more of the social media portals such as Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Glow Creative has helped many different companies to get to grips with AdWords. To ensure you are always the first company in your customers’ minds, we can help with your SEO, website content, Google AdWords, digital presence, branding and reputation, online strategy, and more.

If you would like further advice about Google AdWords or would like help to get set up, speak to the Glow Creative team to get you started. Give us a call today to find out more on 0191 375 3878.

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