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5 Top Tips & Trends in Social Media

16th May 2018

With around 2.5 million users today, social media is currently one of the most useful marketing tools to boost your business and reach your target audience. With a wide variety of platforms and so many businesses to compete with, it’s easy to for your company to get lost in the world of social networking, especially when it changes continuously.

To stop you getting left behind, the team at Glow Creative have compiled our top tips and trends to take your profiles and business to the next level right here…


The use of video content over social media channels has been proven to gain twice the level of engagement than any other post formats. With people watching over 100 million hours of video on Facebook alone, video content is definitely a leading tool in reaching target audiences affectively.

In order to inspire higher engagement and overall business through your social media, your video must be high quality, engaging and tailor to each social media channel differently. With Facebook and Instagram, square videos with a fun and inspiring message are found to be the most effective, whilst the most popular videos on Snapchat and Twitter are those with quick with personal material.

The most beneficial aspect to this content is that it is possible to create something highly effective on a modest budget.  Glow Creative are experienced at using iPhone or Android cameras, which still create a very professional look without the hire costs of camera equipment.


“Stories” originated on Snapchat, but within the last year we have seen an increase in several other social media platforms using them, with a much higher success rate. The introduction of Stories to the likes of Instagram has seen over 300 million people share them daily, showing this is an ever increasingly popular posting format with consumers.

This form of social media allows for brands to be more authentic, posting content in real time that will disappear after 24 hours, meaning customers have to act fast. By continuing to post to Stories regularly throughout the day, businesses can remain at the top of their followers’ feeds, allowing them to be the main brand they see daily.

User-generated content

By posting user-generated content over social media channels, businesses have seen massive benefits, with 56% of consumers being more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive customer-generated post of it.

The idea that the brand’s audience creates content for the business instils an idea of trust amongst followers and generates an influx of engagement. If a company also reposts the content, it encourages more followers to create their own content, increasing the overall brand reach and additionally providing the firm with free and effective social media posts.

Social media advertising

Although you have to pay in order to make use of social media advertising, this has been proven as a productive method to reach your audience. More and more companies are looking towards advertising as a way to looking to increase their reach as many brands have already established a social media presence that has plateaued over time.

Changes within the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter timelines mean that business posts have been deprioritised over those produced by users’ friends and family. Therefore, advertising is the simplest way to become top of the pile in a long list of business posts, with the most affective platform being Facebook.

Social messaging & Chatbots

Social messaging (communicating back and forth with the customer via social media) has now surpassed social media in terms of usage. Businesses are now finding the use of messaging apps highly effective for converting customers, with 56% of users preferring to message a business for customer service over calling. By ensuring your company has a social messaging platform, you become more accessible and increase the likelihood of customers not only purchasing your product, but recommending the company in future.

If you feel social messaging may be too time consuming, Chatbots are a perfect solution, as your customers receive a response with minimal effort from your business. Not only do they save you time, but they can automate several processes such as marketing, payments and customer service, saving you money overall in the long run. If you feel your company could benefit from a Chatbot, Glow Creative can help with installation to customise your bot to suit your business needs.

Every company can benefit from the use of social media marketing. If you are looking for advice on the best marketing strategy for your brand or want to create a social media presence for your business,  Glow Creative are happy to help - give us a call on 0191 375 3878 today!

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