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Marketing Strategy - Which Outlets and Techniques Work Best?

24th November 2017

Marketing can seem a minefield of choices...

"Which platform offers best value for money? Should I use PPC and Digital Advertising? Which Social media portals are the best? Is it worth sending out a mailshot, or should it be via MailChimp? Is it worth investing in a Chatbot, or would Print Advertising be more effective? Will PR make a difference? And how do I know if that expensive bus back advert is really having an effect?" 

The list of decisions can seem endless, and if you're not strategic about it, your results can end up feeling a bit like pot-luck.

But the truth is, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' concerning the best way to market your business. And this is why we very much advocate a bespoke approach for each and every client.

The reason is that it wholly depends on your audience: what age and stage they are, which occupations or specialisms they are involved in, what their interests are, which devices they use, which social media platforms they connect with, where they look for new ideas, what their aspirations are and where they get their inspiration. Everyone is different!

It is true that Digital Advertising is making great strides, and it is great in helping companies to drill down to target exactly the right demographic. Retargeting and AdWords campaigns are often very effective, and if you know how to use it correctly, social media can get you far.

Yet we are by no means in a totally Digital era yet. Although newspaper readership is in decline, people still like to feel a quality brochure in their hands, and this will always mean more to a customer than a flat advert on a computer screen. People love posters too.

We ran a poll earlier in the year for one client, and 85% of their audience (albeit many of whom were over 75) said that they the way they prefer to find out about what is happening in the world is not social media at all, but via word-of-mouth and noticeboards. 

So in summary: digital is not the whole answer!

We are now in an 'in-between' era where all portals still matter. So the best way to decide on which marketing techniques to adopt is to consider your audience carefully, by geography, age, gender, interests, social circumstances, education, draw up a chart of which portals are most likely to appeal to them (and in which order of priority) and then determine the metrics by which you can measure each technique's success. 

For reference, here is a handy chart by Instapage from August 2017 on which marketing methods are most popular right now, which you might find handy in planning your own preferences.

(As you will see, print advertising is still very much in the mix these days. However, video has now drawn level, and judging by the number of video requests we've received from clients lately, it seems clear this is now definitely on the rise...):

Source: Instapage, August 2017.

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