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Our New Services: Video, Digital Animation, Podcasts, Webinars and Games

1st September 2017

Digital communications is an industry which is expanding at an astonishing rate, and it is very exciting to be leading from the front with a whole set of new competencies in-house of direct benefit to our clients.

Where once we had static infographics and photos, now suddenly videos and animations are everywhere. So we are now pleased to providing a whole set of additional services to complement our existing offering.

So what's new? Our expanded services now include the following:

Video Creation: Whether you want to capture some 30-second endorsement clips from your clients, create explainer videos, film an advertisement for your business or create a behind-the-scenes documentary on how your business works - we have the skills in-house to work with you to create exactly what you need.

From meeting with you to work out exactly the best medium and method for the message you are looking to communicate, we will then work with you to obtain all the footage, edit it together, and present you with the finished file for you to embed on your website, publish on Vimeo and Youtube and use across social media channels as you wish.

If you're looking to pep up the front page of your website, we also have a huge array of video ideas to help to show your customers what you do, from animated infographics to moving logos and pictorial video explainers about what you do.

Presentations: If you have a presentation coming up, we can help you to escape the clutches of Powerpoint and reach out with alternative programmes such as Prezi to create much more original, engaging presentations. We can also turn these into automated videos that play on a loop - highly useful to have playing in the background on a screen at your next exhibition.

Podcasts: If you are really looking to stand out from the competition, why not consider starting a series of Podcasts on your site? They could be recordings of interviews with your clients, or an opportunity for you to answer client queries in a friendlier way than through text on an FAQ page.

Online games: Having brushed up on our knowledge of Unity and Flash, we are now able to produce bespoke online animated games for clients - the perfect alternative to the annual Christmas e-card! We are already taking orders... get yours in, quick!

Vlogs: We can help you produce regular pieces-to-camera, advising you on your script and helping to set everything up just the way you want it to get your message across as effectively as possible - and we can film and edit it for you too!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Live: Video is taking the social media by storm! What better way to connect with your audiences than live via social media? 

Webinars: We can also organise and run live webinars for you and your clients to amplify your reputation in the marketplace

Heading up our video operations is Georgina, a former BBC Radio and TV producer who has ample experience of interviewing, script-writing, filming, recording on location and editing and producing storyboards. She has spent the last 10 years honing her craft by making video documentaries for local businesses which previously were only known to YouTube. Now however, it's a whole different ball game - video content is predicted to far outstrip all other forms of content on the web in the next few years.

So get ahead - don't get left behind! Give us a call and see how we can help!

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