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How to optimise your PR strategy

19th May 2017

How do you want to be known by your customers or clients? As a faceless, anonymous business that simply provides a service? Or as a trusted and forward-thinking brand, with knowledgeable, personable and accessible people at its core?

Having a good PR strategy in place can mean the difference between simply being known, and being known as the best in the business.

It keeps your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds, as you foster and cultivate a relationship with them. So, when the time comes that they need the services or goods you provide, it’s your company they think of first.

A good PR strategy is so much more than simply advertising

PR_strategy_pr_agencyYour PR strategy encompasses every interaction you have with your customers. From your social media marketing, to your content marketing, to press releases, to your TV and radio presence.

This is why, at Glow Creative, we believe the best option for many businesses, particularly SMEs, is to employ a PR agency with the skills, knowledge and contacts to provide a holistic PR marketing strategy.

Your PR strategy should be at the heart of all your marketing. But its implementation is very much an organic process.

PR has the greatest impact when it comes from third-party intermediaries – your employees, customers, industry analysts, trend setters, or the media endorsing your company is a far more powerful tool than a simple company-sponsored advert could ever be.

The key to PR is finding a way to get those third parties engaged with your products, brand and values so that they become the advocates you need.

This is why building ongoing relationships is such a core principle to every PR campaign.

How do you begin to build those relationships?

Two-way communication with your third-party advocates is where your PR campaign begins.

That can be achieved through any number of means - ensuring your employees are engaged and motivated, maintaining an open dialogue with your customers, staying in regular contact with the press, or networking with the movers and shakers in your industry can all provide opportunities for valuable PR.

Having clear objectives about how you want your company to be perceived and how you will achieve that is vital and it can help to talk this through with qualified PR professionals.

If you would like any guidance with your PR strategy or for a targeted PR campaign, get in touch with Glow Creative for a no-obligation chat, and find out how our CIPR-accredited practitioners could help ensure your customers see you from your best angle.

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