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Make Video part of your content marketing future

8th May 2017

If a YouTube video of someone talking their way through a game of Minecraft can attract an audience of more than 2 million viewers, isn’t it time you thought about how many potential customers you could reach through vlogging?


What is vlogging and how can it be used as part of my content marketing strategy?

To put it simply, a vlog is a blog in video format. The vlog can be uploaded to a website and shared on social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A vlog can be accompanied and embedded within a written blog, or can stand alone in its own right.

The beauty of vlogging is the accessibility of it. Just about anyone with a video and an internet connection can create a vlog, and it has the potential to reach a wider audience – and arguably with more impact – than the traditional blog.

One of the biggest changes in marketing in the 21st Century has been the development of content marketing that doesn’t appear to directly sell to the customer. This is achieved largely through a combination of blogging and social media interaction.

The benefits of blogging to content marketing are well established. They keep company websites fresh and relevant, let your customers know that you truly are the authority on your chosen subject and help to establish your brand as a name to trust.

Vlogging is a progression of that – it combines the informative and contemporaneous merits of a good blog with the added visual and audio stimuli of video.

And there are more opportunities for exposure with a vlog, which can be uploaded and shared on a range of video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Where to start with your vlog

Vlogging is a great way to communicate with your customers, engaging your target audience and keeping them informed of company developments or new products.

Think about what kind of information you’d like to share on your vlog and, more importantly, what you think potential customers will be interested in seeing. It could be a behind-the-scenes tour, showing where and how your products are made; it could be a demonstration of your products; it could be customer Q&As; it could simply be your CEO talking about the business or sharing industry insights.

Once you’ve finished filming, it’s worth going through your video and editing it. A vlog doesn’t have to be as flawless or polished as a traditional marketing video – indeed, much of the appeal of a vlog can be the informal and personal touch. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to edit before uploading to ensure the narrative runs coherently and smoothly.

Talk to the experts

If you’d like any help or guidance with creating a vlog as part of your content marketing strategy, get in touch with Glow. Whether it’s creating a content plan for your vlog, editing your videos or even providing a voiceover, our digital marketing specialists can help.

Get in touch today and together we can make your content marketing Glow!

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