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Make a date with your social media marketing

14th January 2016


We all know how important social media has become in the world of marketing. All businesses these days - from the sole trader baking novelty birthday cakes, to the multinational chainstore on every high street – need to have some kind of social media marketing presence.

How they manage their social media marketing really can make or break a company. So how can you make sure you have first-class Facebook presence? How do you keep with the trends on Twitter? And what can you do to take the lead on LinkedIn?

How can I love my content marketing strategy?

Well, simple as it may sound, using an editorial calendar to plan out your social media marketing can be a good start.

Keeping a calendar means you won’t miss marking things like important public holidays or special events that could be relative to your business. These can be good ways of being noticed on Twitter, for example, and can help to engage you in whatever the conversations of the day are. And it can help you to create content marketing that will be time-relevant and, importantly, what your customers are interested in reading about!

Start by planning out your content marketing calendar for the month ahead. Flag up important dates that you can be sure people will be talking about. So for example, this year in February’s calendar, Valentine’s Day, the first day of Lent and the Chinese New Year are all sure to be talked about in social media marketing. Working these into your marketing strategy and finding a way to make them relevant to your business could be a first step towards engaging with your audience or even increasing your social media following.

Next, make a weekly social media marketing plan. This should include things like tapping into Twitter hours that your customers are likely to be part of. See our blog on the Top Twitter #Hashtags to make your social media marketing an engaging part of your content marketing. You should be aiming to find trends that are relevant to your target audience, or else you run the risk of annoying your existing followers.

And lastly, you should have a daily social media marketing plan. This can be the most difficult to plan ahead and keep control of, as the nature of the social media beast is that it changes by the hour. But, loosely speaking, you should be aiming for your posts to achieve one or more of the three pillars: to educate, to entertain and to inspire.

Whether you’re creating or curating content marketing, make sure what you share is going to be of value to your audience.

If you need help to make your social media marketing sing and dance, Glow Creative can help. Get in touch to find out more.

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