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2020 is all about 'going virtual'

31st March 2020

It may be a time for isolation, conference calls and caution, yet even in these unusual circumstances, creativity and innovation are still very much bubbling away within the business community.

The physical world may be compromised, but we are certainly finding that the virtual world is thriving, which poses real opportunities for enterprising companies to continue to expand and develop during this tricky phase.

How businesses are coping:

Although business now needs to be conducted in a rather different way from before, we are over the moon to see how, in just a few weeks, many companies are adapting to their new circumstances, and finding new ways of collaborating and moving forward. 

As marketers, we thrive on helping clients to become more responsive to the circumstances around them, and equipping them sufficiently to face the challenges of the future.

Successes we are seeing firsthand include:

  • One client adapting their circuit manufacturing capabilities to create much-needed ventilator equipment for hospitals;

  • Another client organising 900 survival hampers for one of their outlets, which their staff mobilised in just half a day;

  • One of our hotelier clients generously donating their food supplies to a local hospice;

  • Many local restauranteurs providing takeaway services for customers, in lieu of in-house meals;

  • Retailers providing personalised delivery services to those who can't get out;

  • Other clients raising huge sums of money for local charities to help them through this difficult time;

  • We are also seeing a huge spike in clients moving their services online and successfully taking products virtual.

Why going virtual is the way forward:

We believe that the current circumstances will bring permanent change to the way in which we interact online. Thanks to the magic of the internet, many businesses are now utilising web-meeting software tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts as an alternative to meeting face to face.

We are also seeing a huge upsurge in virtual conferences and webinars online. Those who were intending to run physical conferences this season are now turning their content virtual and discovering even greater audience reach online.

In addition, many of the businesses that we work with seem to be increasingly willing to speak in front of the camera and communicate virtually as a way of keeping a connection going with their customers during these tricky months. Many companies are also choosing now as the ideal time to expand their e-commerce operations, social media outreach and PPC advertising presence. It is, after all, an excellent time to target a captive, home-based online audience.

If you are also looking to go virtual, here's how we can help:

  • There are a variety of PPC deals to be had online at the moment, making this a very good time to begin advertising online. Let us help you!

  • If you need any assistance financially, funding is still very much available from organisations such as NBSL to upgrade your website and improve your  digital presence, and we are experts at designing and creating new websites for every type of company

  • We have lots of experience in creating virtual conferences, digital events and webinars, and can get you set up swiftly and professionally with a personalised portal designed just for you

  • We can create you online advertising campaigns and use our expertise to expand your presence and exposure online

  • We are video and animation specialists too and can help you devise fresh content for your target audience. With more people in front of their computers than ever before, you have a fantastic captive audience!

Creativity and lateral thinking are key tools needed to keep businesses afloat at the current time. The challenges now facing us require us to be open to new possibilities and opportunities in order to find new ways forward. 

If you're ready to take that leap and connect with your audiences in new ways, let's have a chat (on Zoom!) and let's see how we can help. 

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