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Why we love LinkedIn!

4th February 2020

Have we ever told you why we love LinkedIn so much? It’s our unwavering object of affection, pride of place on our frequently used tabs…it’s Linkedin!

To help you understand why we have fallen so hard for this social media platform, we’ve compiled a list exploring its main advantages and why it is essential for nearly all businesses, particularly those operating in the B2B sector. We hope that after reading, you will start to love it, too!

Build Connections

Gone are the days where physical networking events were the only way to meet either those working in your sector or potential clients. Used by over 660 million users worldwide, in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform to build and establish professional connections.

LinkedIn provides an environment for virtual networking whereby your new business card is a profile picture, a tagline and the opportunity to write as little or as much as possible about your work experience. You can find that person whose contact details you forgot to take by simply typing in their job title and company, or reach out to new people at the click of that ‘request to connect’ button.

At Glow, we’ve found this particularly useful in terms of our conference producing and digital marketing services. It enables us to source and connect with many senior and relevant people working within specific industries that we otherwise may not be able to make contact with. It’s also idea for connecting with and keeping updated with various contacts and people in our industry worldwide. In this sense, it’s a vital platform that those working in Marketing or PR can’t afford to overlook.

New Opportunities

LinkedIn also makes it incredibly convenient for companies to find their new recuits, providing a valuable opportunity for companies and individuals to showcase their achievements and put the best possible version of yourself out there to get noticed, either as a business or individual.

A Watchful Eye Over Your Competition

The growing prevalence and influence of social media means that if you are a business, your presence across various social media portals of relevancy to your brand is vital, to ensure you don’t get overshadowed by your competition. In the B2B market, LinkedIn can really help to establish your company and put yourself in the game.

While other social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tend to be geared more towards consumers, LinkedIn is specifically dedicated to professionals. The opportunity to post status messages, comments and articles – as well as being able to ‘follow’ or subscribe to other businesses, means that LinkedIn can help you simultaneously keep an eye on what your competition is doing in order to distinguish yourself from them.

Industry news

Like other social media networks, LinkedIn produces a timeline every time you log in. Here, you can find and search for updates and news from your connections, your company and the groups you are a member of. This is great way to keep in the loop with latest industry news, and to become aware of latest industry reports and trends which could well impact your business in the future.

Our Services

Are you already active on LinkedIn? If not, we can help! We offer a range of Marketing and PR services including in-depth Linkedin workshops, all designed to help get you started with confidence! We can share with you our top tips and tricks for getting the most out of the platform, and educate you on how to generate greater leads and connect with audiences in ways you never thought possible.

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