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Believing in branding

1st October 2019

The golden arch of a letter “M”, an apple with a bite from it. A rounded tick to denote exercise, movement, motion. McDonalds, Apple and Nike - businesses such as these have been so cleverly marketed and branded that words are barely needed. Instead, recognition and acknowledgment are subconscious. People believe in brands and whether you like it or not, they are inextricably interlaced into our lives.

What is branding?

Branding is by definition, “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design”. It is the act of constructing together a mixture of values you know to be relevant, and important to your consumers to help shape the desired image of your business. This means that it is a crucial tool used in marketing and advertising as it is a direct and immediate representation of your business or service conducive to drawing in new and retaining old consumers.

Whilst branding is predominantly visual and associated with logos, slogans, colour schemes and images, it is also so much more than a demonstration of aesthetic design choices. It is a tool which enables you to cultivate and curate a very particular image of your business in the mind of your current and target customers.

Why should I brand?

Branding is incredibly important as it is an immediate portrayal of your business and an opportunity to engage with your customers and clarify why you are superior to your competitors.

Branding is also a useful tool given the present climate. We are living in an increasingly fast-paced, digital world where communication is instantaneous. Whilst these are great conditions to push your business forward and make it present, it also means the market is oversaturated. As lives get busier, attention spans reduce, and customers are more particular to what information they choose to consciously consume and retain. This means that to grab the attention of customers and distinguish yourself from the competition, you need strong branding that is meaningful, considered and above all, creative.

How we can help

Here at Glow, we urge our clients to consider whether your brand tells the right story. If it doesn’t, we can advise to ensure that at each and every brand touchpoint, you are maximising the opportunity for your business to engage and create that potential relationship.

We can help you with:

• Brand Identity

What sort of business are you? Fun and creative, or formal and established? We can help you distinguish the character of your business, and explore what branding is best.

 • Brand Management

Successful brand management establishes your business in the market and helps it grow. Brand guidelines are a key document which should outline your brand usage - including definition of colours, fonts, tone of voice, style and layout rules. We can develop brand guidelines for new or existing brands as part of our brand management projects and work closely alongside you to look after it and make sure it lasts.

• Rebranding

Change for the better! Sometimes your branding needs a bit of a polish to help it shine the brightest it can. At Glow, we can advise on whether your current branding is appropriate for your business's identity and demographic and can guide you accordingly.

• Logo Design

Your logo is your customers’ immediate understanding of what your business is about, so it’s important that the first impression is a positive one! Our in-house Graphic Designers have years of experience working with all types of businesses and create bespoke logos that help establish your business and convey its values.

• Graphic Design

Visuals matter. Images are incredibly powerful marketing tools that can make or break a brand. Glow can advise you on the best graphic design and produce great visuals that represent your business fully.

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