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It's time to sharpen your video strategy

12th January 2020

In 2020, we expect social media to remain key to the work that we do, with extra emphasis on the role of Video and Podcasts in the mix.

In 2019, social media has been all about Video: Live video across many platforms, the arrival of IGTV, YouTube getting ever bigger, and lately, a centrally-located button on the Facebook mobile footer app which takes you straight to a feed which is wall to wall with videos (dangerously easy to become over-absorbed here… use with care if you are short on time!).

We all know video is extremely engaging – consider the popularity of the TED talks app. Yet in 2020, in the social media world, the video format that will grow and develop the most will be the short-form video.

Attention spans really are getting shorter. On social media and websites, featurettes of 3-5 mins in length were once quite normal to produce. But nowadays, you typically have about 1 minute to play with. Quite literally, anything beyond this very often won’t get seen. In the same way, while 30 seconds used to be the norm for TV and radio adverts, a 10 second advert in social media now feels an age. (There is a reason why Facebook etc won’t let you hop off too soon mid-advert – because we would if we could!). So if we are to be successful with video, we really need to be original, engage and inspire.

When live video first came out, we saw many amateur-style live videos being produced by companies who were brave enough to put themselves in front of the camera for the first time. But in 2020, we will see far less of this, and far more pre-composed, crafted pieces that are much more entertaining and professionally presented coming into our feeds. Now that video editing software has now become so sophisticated, great content is no longer just for expensive videographers. Anyone with a smartphone and a little imagination can get great results. So videos will become increasingly slick, relevant, to the point, varied, engaging and entertaining. As marketers, we need to be up there with them!

If you are interested in sharpening up your production skills, check out Great Big Story (who produce features on interesting anecdotes from across the world) and NasDaily for inspiration (Nas is famous for extremely entertaining videos of 1 minute in length, and completely self-taught).

Don't forget Podcasts!

Far from passé, Podcasts are now extremely popular! The commuter's best friend, now that the BBC has launched its Sounds App and with many celebrities launching their own podcast channels, there is every indication that creatively-produced podcasts will also increase in popularity over the coming year.

Glow is increasingly being asked to produce podcast series for clients who are keen to engage their audiences in a more original way than their competitors. Podcasts are the way forward.

Incidentally, did you know that we have a trained BBC Radio Producer among us? So if you would like to launch a podcast, come and speak to us! :-)

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