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Your Marketing Strategy For The Year Ahead

30th November 2018

Get ready for 2019!

With digital marketing capabilities advancing at an unprecedented rate, the chances are that your audience need to start hearing you through different channels from the ones you are historically used to.

Print is still important. But what about video? IGTV? LinkedIn? Have you had a look at Google Garage yet? And how can you harness Google Analytics to be most useful to you in the year ahead?

Depending on which industry you are in, the answers are all different. If you’re confused about which techniques to prioritise, don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for. A quick meeting with us will help you define your pathway through.

2019 is the year to make it happen!

Analyse the current market situation:

By keeping up-to-date on industry trends, you can stay you ahead of the competition. Take a look at what your competitors are offering… how can you stand out and differentiate in the year ahead?

Assess your target market:

Don’t forget to consider who your customers are! Do you still want to target the same demographic next year? What are they consuming, and how can you capture their attention?  Would targeting a new group or extending your current target market help to increase your revenue?

Set S.M.A.R.T goals:

Make sure that your goals for the year ahead meet the S.M.A.R.T targets – this will help you get more done:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Relevant

T - Time-based

Plan your tactics:

Your branding and your marketing message need to stand out. You also need to foster a sense of community, loyalty and consistency which will want your customers coming back for more. To keep your audience interested over time, it’s also a good idea to follow what they’re actually interested in, rather than falling back on using the same methods every single year.

Your marketing strategy should be entirely bespoke and unique to your company. This is because the techniques that you use depend largely on what you are selling, and which demographic you are selling to – and you need to stand out from your competition.

In 2019, there are so many ways to get your message across: brochures, flyers, posters, tv/radio ads and press coverage, telesales, face-to-face marketing, social media, website, videos, SEO, PPC, email, blogs, podcasts, exhibitions, conferences and events…

The sheer number of options available to you can seem dizzying – but this is where we come in!  Glow Creative can work with you to define your goals and set a comprehensive new strategy in place to stand out, get noticed, and communicate effectively with your market.

Develop a budget:

To get your marketing off to a flying start, make sure you set a suitable budget aside from the start. If you are looking at making changes to your business and the way in which you connect with prospective customers, then your budget must allow for this. Once your budget is in place, use a combination of your goals and tactics to establish which elements require the most and least amounts of investment, and allocate the money accordingly.


At this point, your marketing strategy will be ready to launch, and you can then turn to a wide range of analytics tools to measure how your business is doing across the year. Sales, website traffic and brand awareness are just some of the ways for you to track your success. Make sure that you leave room to make changes if needed as the months develop, to make sure your marketing approach stays focused and as effective as possible in the year ahead.

At Glow Creative, we are here to help! We have the knowledge and experience to help develop a strong and successful strategy for your business.
If you require any assistance in developing your 2019 marketing strategy, give us a call today on 0191 375 3878 and let us help you through.

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