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Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd

Digital Marketing Strategy

Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd are manufacturers of high performance plastics, mainly fluoropolymers, for use in many sectors including the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive and food and drink industries.

Glow Creative were asked to form a cohesive digital strategy for the brand, focusing on optimising their current website to draw traffic. By conducting a site check-up and SEO analysis for the firm, we were able to identify keywords to optimise google searches and create blogging content to direct potential customers directly to their website.

All blogs created are SEO enabled so that Adtech can measure visits and once live, are posted to the company LinkedIn’s profile, enabling staff that are connected to the page to share to their own followers, expanding Adtech’s reach even further.   


As Adtech are a very specialist company with many different manufacturing procedures, Glow Creative felt video content would be an innovative way to expand their reach whilst simply demonstrating what they do in the market.

Extensive research was required to get to core of such a complex topic to ensure a clear, concise and factually correct message was put across. Working with Adtech’s chosen theme and existing style in mind, we tailored all content around their supplied images and bespoke font, whilst providing a screenplay and wording to summarise their business.

By using special light filters, we were able to create something visually dynamic. A lot of detail went into suppling Adtech with a fast-paced video, designed to keep all viewers engaged.

The Result

The video is now used by the brand on their website, at events, conferences etc. to summarise their services in a visually appealing and interest way. 

"We’ve been working with Glow Creative for just over six months. They have produced regular blogs on some very technical applications and materials. Most recently they have created a short video to promote Adtech’s diverse range of fluoroplastic products. The process was made very easy by the Glow team and we received a very professional video. We’re highly delighted!"

- MD, Adtech Polymer Engineering

See the full video here.