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Helmet Angel

The Brief

Glow Creative was delighted to collaborate with Hanaido to design, brand, launch and market a revolutionary new safety accessory to keep cyclists safer on the roads.

Created by Hanaido, Helmet Angel is an essential piece of equipment for all cyclists, both on- and off-road. Each pair of attractive, aerodynamic shells strap securely to both adults’ and children’s cycling helmets to lessen the roar of wind noise that cyclists experience when travelling at speed, giving riders more time to react to events happening around them to helping to prevent accidents before they happen.

Glow Creative has been involved with the development of the product right from prototype stage, creating a striking logo to give definition to the brand, creating an attractive one-stop-shop e-commerce website, designing product packaging, stationery, signage, and managing a comprehensive multi-channel social media and PR campaign to launch the product to the general public and international cycling community.

Hanaido wanted to achieve a strong brand which would really stand out in the marketplace. The brief was to create a forward-thinking, modern, fresh, contemporary look with a logo which would have sufficient impact on the product itself, across all literature associated with the brand, and also across accessories and on a larger scale on all manner of promotional literature.

The Brand

Given the safety aspects of the product, Hanaido were keen to incorporate a sense of angelic protection whilst cycling, as if protected on the go beneath the wing of a guardian angel. So at every stage, the brand strapline, “An angel at your shoulder”, has provided the inspiration both for design and marketing message, with angel wings and a halo featuring complementing the bespoke handle-bar lettering and featuring heavily across all branding.

To reflect a connection with nature and the ever-changing weather elements that cyclists face, and to enhance a sense of drama, each shell colour is named after weather and the elements with the range including ‘Storm’, ‘Jet’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Blizzard’ and ‘Solar’.

The Website

The bespoke, SEO-enabled e-commerce website which Glow Creative has created for Helmet Angel includes a professionally-shot commissioned range of photos showcasing the shells in action by many different scenarios such as professional cycling on the moors, off-road cycling, leisure cycling with children, business commuting.

Within our design, we have created a site which enables customers to shop easily on the go, using a responsive web system to ensure that the site is easily accessible to everyone, no matter which device they are using.

The website itself is designed to be an attractive, eye-catching one-stop shop for customers, providing a seamless journey from enquiry through to purchase with just a few easy clicks.

Social Media

To launch the product to the general public, we started by establishing a strong presence for Helmet Angel across all B2C-focused social media portals. Our visually-led campaign across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook remains at the forefront of marketing outreach as an easy and cost-effective method to bring the product to a wider reach, both nationally and internationally.

Due to their emphasis on safety-conscious initiatives, the product has also proved a particular hit in Germany. Therefore, alongside our English-language marketing campaign, we have also led a parallel campaign “auf Deutsch”, to better connect with cyclists and the public in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which has yielded particularly good results.

Marketing & PR

Our main marketing aim has been to place the brand in the best possible position for future expansion and development.

Through our marketing and PR campaigns, we have successfully established strong connections with British Cycling groups, the international biking fraternity, sports and leisure publications and the general public, composing key press releases for the trade, sport & leisure and regional media, and helping to connect Hanaido with key individuals at schools, councils, bike races, cycling clubs, and national sporting events.


For online distribution to British Cycling members, we also used a GoPro camera to film the product’s creator on the go, producing an effective social media video to demonstrate the brand in action which could easily be distributed online.

The Result

Helmet Angel director, David Crampton, says:

“Glow Creative have been absolutely fantastic at every stage in the creation and launch of the Helmet Angel product. From my initial ideas through to launch and beyond, they have far exceeded the brief, and have provided an ever-ready supply of inspiration, style and resources to give Helmet Angel the very best chance of succeeding in a highly competitive market. Thanks to Glow’s input, we are off to a superb start and we look forward to working with them further towards continued growth in the months and years ahead.”