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Direct Marketing

Highly targeted customer communications - know your audience, personalise your message & achieve results.

We are experienced in traditional & digital methods of direct marketing & we enjoy working on both.

Targeted email marketing is instantly measurable, quick to turnaround & can give you amazing insights into your customer's interests. While traditional direct marketing, with personalised print, tactile papers & eye catching graphic design can create an impression & evoke emotions that no other medium can achieve.

Once we have identified the audience you need to talk to, we develop a direct marketing strategy to capture attention & deliver results - whether it be prompting a response, a sale, building a relationship or gaining trust & loyalty.

We can work with you to evaluate the response rates of your direct marketing campaign & use the results to improve & evolve your communications going forward. We can test your direct marketing with sample groups to get a better understanding of your audience before rolling your campaign out to the masses. Your direct marketing database will underpin the success of your campaign, but don't worry, we can advise you on best practice in growing, maintaining & cleaning your customer database.