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Small business in need of a digital marketing boost? The deadline for NBSL funding is looming!

9th August 2017


There’s no questioning the power of good digital marketing.

Whether it’s a beautifully-designed responsive website, a social media marketing campaign or ongoing creative content marketing, as a leading digital marketing agency, there is so much we at Glow can do to take businesses to the next level.

But, of course, engaging the services of a digital marketing agency such as Glow doesn’t come for free and some SMEs might struggle to make that initial investment in their own company.

That’s why support from bodies like NBSL is so invaluable.

NBSL is an enterprise agency that runs funding programmes such as the North East Business Support Fund, which provides grants for business improvements for SMEs in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham.

The current round of NBSL funding started just over 18 months ago and hundreds of businesses have already benefited from the grants.

Apply for up to £2,800 in NBSL funding

For development projects costing between £3,000 and £8,000, businesses can apply for grants to cover up to 35% of the cost.

This means you could receive NBSL funding worth up to £2,800. Just think what that money could do for your business!

You could put it towards developing a beautiful responsive website, use it for a content marketing campaign, rebrand your product or get the word out about your business with a powerful PR drive.

Act quick – time is running out!

However you choose to use your NBSL funding, you need to apply for it now, as the current round of funding is ending soon.

The North East Business Support Fund is expecting to take the final applications around the middle of December 2017, although that could be sooner if demand increases significantly over the coming weeks and months.

NEBSF have made the process of applying even simpler than previously and now, instead of businesses needing quotes from three separate agencies for development projects, they only need one.

Get in touch with Glow and we can help to guide you through your proposal from start to finish.

You can also find out more about NBSL funding here, or fill in an application for a grant here.

Get your application for NBSL funding in now, and find out just how far digital marketing from Glow can take you!

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