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Facebook helps Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses with new button!

12th February 2015

Businesses who use the Facebook Business Page now have the ability to create a Call-To-Action button and direct their followers to specific apps, games, shops, sign up forms or websites and also have the option to re-direct ‘on-the-go’ users to mobile versions of websites/apps if available. Featured in the header bar next to the ‘Like’ function, this new button allows business owners to not only direct traffic to a specific location, but also track the number of followers who use the button. Insights can be found on the right hand side of your business page when logged on as Admin.  

This new social media marketing tool will be ideal for businesses who wish to increase the sign up rate for a newsletter for example as customers are greeted with a ‘Sign Up’ button as soon as they land on the page; instead of hoping the follower scrolls down the page to the ‘Sign up here’ tab on the left hand side.

Those businesses who use online booking forms should find that customers find the button much quicker than scrolling down to apps further down the page. The Call-To-Action button can be added and removed at any point and can be updated to support marketing campaigns or promotions.

Social media marketing call-to-action button on Facebook

Having an engaging website design that is responsive to both desktop and mobile users will be a massive advantage in this situation as you’ve acquired the traffic, now you just need to convert the visitors to enquiries and sales!

Making sure your website design is responsive and engaging to visitors is something a Digital Marketing Agency such as Glow Creative specialise in. We have a team of designers and web developers who are on hand to make sure your website attracts the right customers for your business and makes their experience on your website as easy and rewarding as possible. Backing that up with a dedicated social media marketing team and you have all the makings of a great brand boosting website.

To find out more about Glow Creative’s social media marketing or website design services, click here.

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